Custom Peptide Synthesis

Alfa Cytology is a full-scale contract research organization (CRO) with extensive experience. For years, we have been providing reliable custom peptide synthesis services to our customers worldwide. With our advanced and flexible peptide synthesis platform, we are now able to deliver guaranteed quantities of high-quality peptides at industry-leading speeds to help accelerate your peptide-based drug targeting pancreatic cancer (PC).

The service offering at Alfa Cytology

Custom peptide synthesis
Category options Customizable features Value-added services
-Fast peptide synthesis
-Rush peptide synthesis
-Regular peptide synthesis
-Peptide Library(crude peptide library and -purified peptide library)
-Free sample preparation
-Process optimization
-Customized analysis testing
-Analytical method development
-Customer-requested package & delivery
-Solubility test service
-TFA removal service
-Optimization and modification service
Design and synthesis of derived peptides
  • Design and synthesis of derived peptides

The structure of peptide drugs plays an important role in the process of their functions. The elucidation of their structural characteristics is important for the study of their specific mechanisms of action and the development of anti-tumor peptides with better activities. We can design a related series of peptides based on the effective peptide sequence, help researchers design and synthesize related derivative peptides through activity comparison and validate their activities by in vitro cellular experiments.

  • Design and synthesis of fusogenic peptides

The control of tumors by one peptide alone is not comprehensive, combining small molecule peptides with different mechanisms of action to form anti-tumor fusogenic peptides can achieve multiple anti-tumor effects. Fusogenic peptide refers to the biosynthesis of two or more short peptides fused into one segment of peptide without affecting their structure and function so that the segments can function together and better exert anti-tumor effects. The mechanism of action of fusogenic peptides varies, and we can design, synthesize and modify them according to the specific experimental purpose of our customers.

  • Delivery specifications

All peptide synthesis is subject to strict quality control by Alfa Cytology. Typical deliveries include lyophilized peptides of the desired sequence, purity and quantity, and associated QC reports.

-HPLC and MS reports for each peptide
-Complete and uniform packaging
-Complete certificate of analysis covering appearance, quantity, molecular weight, and purity of each peptide

Main benefits of our service

Advantages of our peptide synthesis service

  • Flexible and scalable up to 1 kg
  • One-on-one project management with industry experts
  • Fully automated synthesizer with cost effective
  • Customized peptide synthesis to customer satisfaction

With the development of biotechnology and genetic engineering, the cost of peptide synthesis has been greatly reduced, while the means of peptide long-lasting are becoming more and more abundant, so it becomes possible to synthesize anti-tumor peptides in a targeted manner according to different purposes. If you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details. You can get in touch with our staff directly and receive professional, reliable, and fast feedback.

All of our services are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.