Antibody Drug Development Services for Brain Tumors

Antibodies for brain tumors

Brain tumors and brain metastasis of tumors are very difficult clinical situations. Brain tumors, represented by glioma, are one of the most difficult cancers to overcome at present. Even some brain tumors still have no effective treatment and the existing treatment pathways are largely unable to prevent a recurrence. Antibody-engineered drugs, which are the fastest growing in the field of biomedicine, have brought new light to the treatment of brain tumors.

We offer antibody drug development services for brain tumors

Antibody-mediated immunotherapy is an important tool for immunotherapy of brain tumors, in addition to ICI, cancer vaccines, pericyte therapy, and lysing virus therapy. Alfa Cytology aims to provide our clients with antibody development services for brain tumors through our proven technology platform. These include PD-1/PD-L1 antibodies for immune checkpoint inhibitors, antibodies that inhibit the CD161-CLEC2D pathway, and 124I-8H9 monoclonal antibodies targeting B7-H3.

Monoclonal antibody development for brain tumors

We provide monoclonal antibody drug development services for brain tumors. By encapsulating monoclonal antibodies in nanocapsules containing choline and acetylcholine analogs, we enable the nanocapsules to cross the blood-brain barrier and deliver monoclonal antibodies to the tumor site. It can effectively improve the therapeutic effects of monoclonal antibodies for various brain tumors.

Peptide drug development for brain tumors

We provide our clients with brain tumor peptide development services that are highly pure and safe. In addition, we have made it possible to make more peptides into anti-brain tumor drugs by introducing a ring structure to restrain the activity of the peptide and increase the stability of the peptide to show better pharmacological activity and stability.

Polyclonal antibody development for brain tumors

We prepare efficient and highly specific anti-CD133 polyclonal antibodies, CD11c polyclonal antibodies, etc. for our customers. We offer polyclonal antibodies that are less expensive to prepare than monoclonal antibodies of the same species origin and have shorter preparation cycles.

Recombinant antibody development for brain tumors

We can prepare recombinant antibodies (chimeric antibodies, humanized antibodies, fully humanized antibodies, small molecule antibodies, and bispecific antibodies) for our customers for use in the field of brain tumor research, with antibody production time reduced to 1-2 months.

Antibody humanization for brain tumors

We provide customers with humanization services for antibodies used in brain tumor research, which allows antibodies to be used in brain tumor research with reduced human allogeneic rejection. In addition to this, we are actively trying to provide fully humanized brain tumor antibodies by using animal gene knockout and insertion and phage display technologies.

To expand the audience for antibody drugs, Alfa Cytology is actively conducting antibody drug miniaturization studies. We are trying to obtain Fab fragments, single-chain antibodies, bispecific antibodies, trivalent antibodies, and miniature antibodies by enzymatic digestion or genetic engineering.

  • We are using molecular targets that are highly relevant to and have a key role in brain tumor growth, invasion, and metastasis to develop miniaturized antibody drugs and improve their penetration into brain tumors.
  • We use highly effective "warhead" drugs to make chemical couples with antibodies or to make genetically engineered fusion proteins, thereby increasing the intensity of the action of antibody drugs on brain tumor cells.

Please contact our staff to learn how we develop highly effective and stable antibodies for brain tumor research and treatment.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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