Brain Tumor Small Molecule Drug Development Services

We provide small molecule drug development services for brain tumors

Small molecule drugs can reach intracellular or extracellular targets of immune cells involved in specific immune pathways, enhance antitumor immunity, or reduce immunosuppression. Brain tumor small molecule drugs also have potential complementary or synergistic effects with existing immunotherapies. Compared to therapeutic antibodies, small molecule drugs have greater penetration into the tissue and tumor microenvironment (TME). It can cross physiological barriers such as the blood-brain barrier, providing new options for the treatment of brain tumors and brain metastases.

We provide small molecule drug development services for brain tumors

Brain tumor small molecule inhibitor development

Small molecule inhibitors are a class of biologically active small molecule compounds. Compared to most antibodies, small molecules can easily penetrate tissues. Therefore, they can target extracellular and intracellular targets to promote the anti-brain tumor process. Alfa Cytology is continuously developing new brain tumor-related genes, such as CREPT, which has been reported to promote cell cycle transition, promote tumorigenesis, and is a highly promising target for cancer therapy.

Based on this background, we identified a class of genes like CREPT as targets for anti-brain tumor drugs. We screen and synthesize small molecule inhibitors that specifically target binding, thus assisting our customers in developing drugs related to brain tumor inhibition and other research. We believe that this will be a novel anti-brain tumor small molecule drug with a new target, a new molecule, and a new mechanism of action.

Brain tumor drug delivery system development

Even small molecules do not exhibit the desired distribution within an organism, thus requiring the use of delivery systems that carry therapeutic agents. In response to this urgent need and significant challenge, Alfa Cytology has taken a major step forward in the development of a drug delivery system for brain tumors. We offer our customers four development options, nanoparticle-based, microchip-based, bacterial-based, and exosome-based.

We explore the possible routes of drug delivery across the blood-brain barrier to the brain tumor lesion site in this several ways. We design targeted drug delivery systems applicable to different physiological and pathological characteristics according to the pattern of brain tumor occurrence and progression. We aim to deliver the right number of drugs to the right location at the right time. This increases the efficiency of drug utilization, effectively improves the targeting and therapeutic effect of brain tumors, and reduces toxic side effects.

Small molecule drugs are packaged and modified to effectively cross the blood-brain barrier without damaging normal cells while killing cancer cells. This is why Alfa Cytology provides small molecule drug development services for brain tumors. Our R&D team has excellent expertise in small molecule drug discovery for brain tumors, including theoretical computationally-oriented structure design, target binding kinetics, and oncology studies. If you are interested in the services we offer or have a small molecule drug that needs to be developed, feel free to contact us for the latest solutions.

All of our services and products are intended for preclinical research use only and cannot be used to diagnose, treat or manage patients.
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